Many of my clients trust me to work my “magic” on their content. Not that I’m a magician, but it is first and foremost listening and understanding their needs. That way, I can translate their ideas into reality. My portfolio showcases a lineup of recent works, ranging from being an in-house designer for an engineering and infrastructure firm, with project proposals worth billions of dollars in fees, and being a freelance designer collaborating with private firms, government offices and international specialized agencies.

Why I design?

I love designing for projects which I believe have the potential to give lasting impact on people’s lives. As a senior designer for Aurecon, I spend countless hours coming up with a proposal concepts for various clients of Aurecon. This may be for a 1,700km line that would be the largest freight rail infrastructure project in Australia that would boost the transfer of goods and transportation across Brisbane and Melbourne; a proposal for South African government aiming to improve water safety and supply for South Africa’s drought-stricken citizens; and imagining the thousands of travelers who would benefit with a rehabilitation of a Hong Kong International Airport Terminal.

Being a freelance designer also gives me the opportunity to work with diverse groups of people championing various causes. I got the privilege to collaborate with a non-profit organization to transform lives of four (4) indigenous and illiterate “Aeta” grandmothers who now are empowered to light-up rural communities using solar lamps. They are now known as the ‘Solar Lolas’ and have been featured in various news media including CNN Philippines. The Philippines faces dozens of natural disasters annually, and working closely with medical consultants, subject matter experts at the World Health Organization and the Department of Health (Philippines), we have successfully launched several books and manuals aimed at helping local government units be prepared during an emergency. This includes communicable disease management, disaster preparedness, and most importantly, the looking into the trauma and mental health of survivors.

Being involved with these types of projects give me a higher sense of purpose why I do what I do. It allows me to share my time and talent for projects that change lives. To me, that is time well-spent.

Fun facts about me:

I went skydiving (without my family’s knowledge), and it sure did scare the sh*t out of me. I did it anyway.

Watch my distorted face while I plunge 8,000ft.

Shifting careers from an I.T. professional to a designer landed me as one of the featured clients in BPI’s 2016 Integrated Annual and Sustainability Report.

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is the first bank in both the Philippines and Southeast Asia, established in 1851.
I’m on page 17!

I am a licensed real estate broker, passing the licensure exam in 2016 and started investing in real estate.

Today, I am a proud owner of 2 rental properties. I plan to expand more in the future.

On weekends, I wander around furniture shops and thrift shops, play with my beagle, or tend my plants.

Sparks is my 7-year old beagle, strangers walk up to me and ask if Sparks is pregnant, I say no, HE is just fat.
I also created an Instagram page to showcase my plant collection: The Haworthia Guys

I believe that life outside work is a time we should spend to eliminate life’s what ifs.

Set goals, make a bucket list, do and experience things what you’ve always wanted to try. This is the only way we can minimize regrets, we should always ask ourselves “when was the last time I did something for the first time?”

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